Thursday, October 3, 2013

Some Crab Fun with Sight Words!

Hello there!

We just finished up a unit focusing on sight words where we wrote our sight words on index cards and practiced them daily.  I love doing cooperative learning in my classroom and getting students up out of their seats.  As a result, I thought of a fun game that was easy to organize and fun for the students.  First, I had the students take five of their new sight word cards they just learned and put their name on the back.  Then they placed them on the floor (name side up) around the room making sure they were spread out.  Students went back to their seats and when I said "Go!," students had to crab walk to a sight word card.  They could only pick up the card if they knew the word.  Then they collected the cards on their belly.  Having the students crab walk prevented them from going too fast or hurting anyone.  The students laughed and had a lot of fun.  Once all the cards were picked up, students went back to their seats to read them with a partner.  Then we placed them around the room and played again!

There could be many variations to the game.  You could have students collect only five cards and then help a friend to collect five, so everyone gets five cards.  Once you are done with the game, students simply walk around and place the cards back on the students' desks since the students names are on the back. I hope you have fun with this game.  This could be used with spelling words and more!  Comment if you have tried different variations.  We love ideas!!